Why Kids Got Sole?

Why Kids Got Sole?

Posted by Bec on on 26th Feb 2016

Well it's time that I introduce myself & let you know a little more about the creation of my little business, Kids Got Sole.

Hubby & I owned a musical instrument retail store in Brighton East and I worked in and on the business for over 20 years.  I love retail and interacting people but after having kids, I needed to do something I was a little more passionate about & offered a little more flexibility for when I worked.  

Child number 3 was a little girl (after 2 boys) and that's when my shoe addiction expanded, I could now buy more shoes!  But my oh my, shoes for babies & kids can be quite costly, especially when their little feet grow so quickly.  So I started looking around and discovered some wonderful brands that were not only great quality but, also more affordable.  And boom, Kids Got Sole was created in 2012 (it was called Little Cuties to begin with).

My dream job started in a spare bedroom and shoes often flowed onto the kitchen table and into other rooms.  After a few years, the bedroom was too small so, we made a tree change to Mount Eliza where I am now set up in a beautiful big shed.  Hubby is still apprehensive about having to share the shed lol but the tree change has been amazing!

For our online store, we try to find brands that aren't sold in retail stores in Australia.  Hence we can offer you quality shoes that are incredibly cute but can not be purchased everywhere.  And I bet you are wondering why we can sell our shoes so cheap??  Well I don't buy from the middle man, I buy directly from the wholesaler so there are no double margins.  This way, I can buy fabulous quality shoes and keep the price down.

As our business grows, we will introduce some mainstream brands to compliment our range.. Watch this space

So that's Kids Got Sole!  And to put a face to the name, I'm Bec!  I have attached a pic of my husband Brett & myself and our 3 children Jackson, Tyler and Summer.  Thank you for supporting my small business, I love what I do and it's all because of you xx Bec